Clean Energy Solution

Enesoon Holding Group Company 

Enesoon Holding Group Company is dedicated to become the professional service provider of clean thermal energy with energy storage technology as core competence, and is a national high tech enterprise specialized in R&D, production and sales of integrated thermal energy storage systems.

With “energy storage+multi-energy complementary+smart energy” system as the core part, Enesoon can provide customers with a whole industry chain service, including the HSES ( Hybrid Smart Energy Storage ) system consulting, design, equipment system, operation and maintenance management system, energy interconnection system and etc .

Enesoon Holding Group Company has established the core technology system with thermal energy storage system solution as its original innovation, and the HSES system as its integrated innovation. Enesoon focus on research, design, develop high-efficiency energy storage system, intelligent thermal system, energy efficiency management system, smart energy system, intelligent power system, smart pipe network system, and assembly basic system. It provides the comprehensive clean energy storage technology solution, clean thermal energy “Turn-Key” services, such as such as operation and maintenance, energy storage, and peak shaving through establishing the energy network system.